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Your landscape is a living and breathing ecosystem and, just like any other facet of life, needs food and nourishment, as well as protection from its natural predators, if it is going to survive.

EAB Control

Ash trees can be a valuable part of the landscape. A properly cared for ash tree can increase property value, provide environmental benefits and reduce electricity costs by shading a home. The Illinois Department of Agriculture and its Emerald Ash Borer Program believe systemic insecticidal treatments of ash trees, in response to or in preparation for Emerald Ash Borer infestation(s), can be a very useful component of a management plan.

Insect Control

Whether you’re dealing with summer mosquitos, an infestation in your shrubbery, or problematic larvae eating your grass roots, our state-licensed pesticide applicators can ease the issue on your property and let you and your family enjoy what is yours. Our IPM practices effectively safeguard your landscape from the common problems homeowners incur each season resulting in a healthier and more aesthetically pleasing outdoor environment for you to appreciate.

Lawn Fertilization

Our lawn care programs are specifically designed to promote superior lawn color, density, uniformity, and health. In an effort towards being an environmentally sound company, all applications are done in granular form, with liquid used only for weed control. We provide a 5-part, seasonally timed program alternating slow and quick-release fertilizers with weed and grub prevention.

Tree and Shrub Care

Our tree and shrub care program helps to promote and sustain their beauty and health all year round. Caring for these elements of your landscape will include as needed:

– Deep Root Feeding

– Targeted Trunk Injection

– Foliage Protection

– Foliar Sprays

– Horticultural Pruning

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