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Using the latest in design technology, we can help bring your ideas to life. See the “big picture” before our shovels hit the dirt.

Design Process

Phase I – Initial Design Consultation

Our design process begins with an initial appointment with our talented design professional. Our purpose is simple: to listen. We want to know both your short term and long term goals. At that time, the designer will go over the landscape questionnaire to individuate the full extent of your landscaping needs. The designer will also go over the fees for the design service based upon the scope of the project. There is no charge for the initial consultation and the design fee can be discounted from the project cost if you decide to hire our company for the installation. Once we understand your needs, we will make recommendations tailored specifically for you on how it can be accomplished. When the consultation is over you will be left with a rough estimate for the project based on measurements, materials used and expected time frame of completion.

Phase II – Design Development

During this phase, our designer creatively puts together all of the elements discussed during the consultation and creates a unique landscape design that intertwines your personal style and desired use. A second appointment will be scheduled where our designer will present the design package and will go over all of the details (materials, plants, accessories, elemental features, etc.) as well as the specified budget for the project.

Phase III – Commitment

In this phase, a brief meeting will be scheduled to go over any minor changes or additions that have been added. The designer will also present the landscape installation proposal to discuss and sign as well as collect a deposit for the project to be scheduled as soon as possible (typically about 2-4 weeks before construction begins). We will take care of all material orders, deliveries, disposal, and underground utility markings.

Phase IV – Installation

During the installation process, your landscape designer will be available on a consulting basis to oversee your every need during the construction phase of the project. Our designers make your project their personal commitment and see every detail as a work of art.

Fees & Budget

Determining budget is also critical for every project. We are flexible in what we offer; additionally, we have the ability to phase projects in a manageable way. Our maintenance services cater to the budget conscious as you can pick and choose from our services and create a custom plan that is just right for you. For installations requiring a design, we can evaluate the design, make sure all of your desires fit within your budget, and explain how material choices affect costs, etc. We might also explore the various options, including “phasing” your project, depending on your budget.

What does landscaping cost?

Like our clients, every project is unique and cost is dependent upon a number of factors; location, scope of work, material selection, etc. To help gain an understanding of some of the costs associated with landscaping you can refer to this price structure provided by Landscape Network. This guide will help you navigate your vision of what you would like to accomplish on your property and what it will mean in dollars.

What fees should I expect?

We offer up to 1-hour of free consultation in our initial visit to your property. After the consultation, any plan preparations or site designs will be billed at a rate based upon the scope of the project. Plans can be detailed with to-scale measurements, grade requirements, plant and material selections, and other necessary information to be sent out for bid. If you decide to work with us for the installation of the design, these fees will be discounted from the total cost of the project.

Depending on the nature of the work, necessary permits may need to be obtained through your local municipality. Permit fees vary in different areas from flat rates to percentages of the job cost. The project estimator should be able to let you know whether these permits are required for your job or not.